Join Google Adsense Program with WordPress Plugins for Adsense

Even with having enormous presence of Google Adsense which has been around for around a decade, several online marketers and bloggers are still confused as whether ads placement or Google Ads would damage their SERP or not. According to Google, they are not going to treat websites differently with Adsense, or at the extent that they would penalize a website which has ads or Google Adsense running. According to me, it literally depends. Google is not going to penalize your website if you have fresh and unique content and you have been updating your website daily. Google will do it if your content is not good.

Today, getting accepted on the program of Google Adsense has become easier and you can easily apply for the program. You should have 5 articles maximum to get accepted in this program and your website should have Contact, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy pages. After getting approved, you can easily add Google Adsense to WordPress website. You can do it with the help of several WordPress Plugins for Adsense.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins I Think Would Help You

Quick Adsense

It is a neat and clean Adsense plugin which comes with an option to place ads wherever you want to and to rotate ads as per your needs. In addition, it features short codes to be inserted manually on the posts.

Google Adsense

When you have to make your website popular, there is no better name than Google Adsense. You can easily setup this plugin. You can change size, color, and ads count on each page. All you have to submit your Publisher id after installing Google Adsense plugin. Then choose the format and ad type you love. It’s up to you as where you put Google Ads of you and the number of ads in each page.

Easy Adsense Injection

With Easy Adsense Injection Plugin, you can implement Adsense to your WordPress website manually with ease. You can also control the appearance of Adsense. There is no perfect choice than this plugin. You can easily add ads in two different ways – PHP function and Shortcodes.

Simple Adsense Insertion

This Adsense Insersion tool for WordPress website is very simple to use and interactive. You can easily place ads to your sidebar, posts and pages.


Last but not the least; this is very user-friendly and neat Adsense plugin with which you can rotate ads, as the name implies. With this plugin, a lot of ads and banners can be inserted along with Google Ads. It also provides high quality premium service with which you can access more features. You can use free version to use basic features.

In a Nutshell

The above mentioned plugins for your WordPress website are best for implementing banners and Adsense. These are fully supported with any WordPress site. Please leave your feedback if you want to share more information with us or have any doubt.

Integrate WhatsApp to WordPress to Improve User Engagement

When mobile usage is constantly increasing, it is important to have a responsive website. As per a survey, more than 91% users are using mobile internet to socialize and fixed internet is witnessing less usage. That’s why WhatsApp and other smart phone applications have been widely used. Today, WhatsApp is widely used application with over 600 million users. Here you are going to know how to enhance user engagement by connecting WhatsApp to WordPress website, so that users can easily share the content from your site with their friends.

Why WhatsApp?

If you use a smart phone, then you may probably have WhatsApp installed on your device. It is a cross-platform application with which users can share videos, images and texts without paying SMS charges. Users can also send their voice messages with this app. Several websites show a WhatsApp button to enable visitors share their content. Your visitors can share or send anything in real time with friends.

BuzzFeed was adopted WhatsApp earlier. The overall shares of this website on iOS mobile devices doubled, according to Jon Steinberg, BuzzFeed President. He says that the number of shares on WhatsApp really amazed them every time. WhatsApp sharing remains private. It is the main difference between Whatsapp and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It works in a way like sending email to your friend. Anything can get viral easily through WhatsApp once you have got engaging and loyal readers. Here’s how you can integrate WhatsApp to WordPress site.

Mobile ShareBar Plugin

First of all, download and install this plugin and activate it. Configure it by going to Settings and then Mobile ShareBar. It has very easy to understand configuration. Sharing texts can be edited but you should keep them as is. To shorten up the URL while sharing, add credentials. Choose the place to display under Display Settings, be it bottom or top of page and choose the pages to show buttons like pages, posts, front page, categories and more.

Check ‘Show Everywhere’ and ‘Display Mobile ShareBar Automatically” within ‘Troubleshooting & Other Options’. Save changes and get your cache cleared. Only problem is that this button will be shown on iOS devices only. Have a test run. Open your WordPress site only any iOS device and see if it is working or not.

AddToAny Plugin

After installing and activating it, configure settings from AddToAny option from Settings. Choose small or large icons as per your needs. Add buttons you need from ‘Add/Remove Services’ with default buttons for Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Access the WhatsApp service and configure and add display options as per the area you wish to show the button at the top or bottom of page. You can also use a social sharing bar which floats on the right side of page while scrolling down the content. According to design, it also has custom icons. At the end, save changes and have test run to see if this button is running on any iOS device.

Boost Up Your WP Website with WordPress Caching Plugins

Users often browse the web with a bit of patience. Despite having great content and attractive layout, your website will be failed to leave nice impression if it is loading slow. When it comes to search ranks and user experience, a website can get good impression if it loads faster with no unnecessary delays. As a general rule of thumb, caching can speed up the turnaround time of your website. Here are some of the topmost WordPress caching plugins for your website.

W3 Total Cache

It is very popular and well-known plugin that has more than 1861000 downloads. For faster loading, it features progressive caching. This plugin can save around 80% of bandwidth by compressing CSS, JavaScript and HTML. W3TC is caches memory instead of disk. Hence it gives better outcomes. But it needs large number of resources. So it won’t work great if you have limited resources on a shared platform. To improve the overall performance of a website, it works with Content Delivery Network. It can support BuddyPress.

WP Super Cache

It simply creates HTML static files according to the blog content. Each time when a user accesses your blog section, it serves static HTML files without approaching several PHP scripts again and again. For users who leave their comments and users who have logged in, legacy caching is also offered. Its interface is not so user friendly for startups. However, it gives complete control to the users on its overall functioning. And it won’t leave you clueless as it has all the manuals and documents.

Quick Cache

It features interactive caching system that can cut down the loading time of webpages. By default, the cache pages are not shown to the users who have logged in and left the comment. In addition, login pages, admin pages etc. can be excluded. It also supports auto caching for Sitemap. It features interactive interface and you can easily configure it. Unlike Hyper Cache Extended and WP Super Cache, it doesn’t show many settings and yes/no questions are shown in configuration.

Hyper Cache Extended

It maintains both Gzip and plain compressed web pages. It is best bet for those who have limited bandwidth and shared hosting plan. It can conduct 404 caching, redirect caching and has settings for compatibility with Global Translator. It comes with fewer settings to configure and tweak than WP Super Cache. It allows you mention individual settings for mobile devices.

DB Cache Reloaded Fix

Unlike various plugins which rely on HTML caching, this plugin is based on database caching. It automatically checks whether your visitors are accessing the latest version of the page given or not. It also minimizes server load. DB Cache Reloaded Fix is among the easiest plug-ins when it comes to customizability and operation. You can enable/disable caching and use various cache filters and set time for expired queries.

In a Nutshell

According to your needs you can choose one of these WP cache plugins. Suppose you need ease of use and simplicity, go for Quick Cache. For Customizability, WP Super Cache is better choice. For customizability and lots of resources, use W3TC.