Increase Alexa Ranking and Make Your Website More Popular

Alexa is the best source to analyze web traffic of your website. It features a ranking mechanism to determine the popularity of a website. Having smaller number on which website stands means it is more popular. The website which stands on first position is Google and second one is Facebook. The ranking algorithm of Alexa is simpler than ranking algorithm of Google. Considering the number of visitors on your site over the last 3 months and number of pages visited, the Alexa ranking is calculated. The bounce rate and traffic are also the deciding factors to determine Alexa ranking of your website. Here are the ways to Increase Alexa Ranking on your website.

Your Website’s Traffic

When the traffic on your website increases, Alexa ranking of your website automatically increases. To increase the traffic on your website, there are several SEO and non SEO ways. For the website owners who want to try something more than SEO, here are the following tips to consider –

  • Write articles and blog posts regularly which are helpful to the users.
  • Convince visitors or users to share your posts through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and other mediums.

Follow these tips if you are interested on SEO approach –

  • Add Meta tags on each of your post, like Meta Keyword, Meta Title, and Meta description. Make sure title has the keyword you are looking to rank.
  • Thorough off-page and on-page linking
  • Add Alt tags on all images which can enhance SERP ranks on image search results along with your web traffic.

Implement Alexa Widget

You can easily add Alexa widget to your WordPress website by following certain ways.

Install Alexa Toolbar

On your browser, add Alexa toolbar and track the traffic on your website and ranking.

Organic & Quality Backlinks

Even though it is not considered very important, it is still among the top elements for both generating website traffic and ranking your site. But you should be wise to the website you want to link from. Bad strategy can cause more harm to your website.

Quality Content

Even though quantity is known to be the option to setup your site initially, quality is also the important way to create organic and genuine traffic. If your website has useful and quality content, users will definitely share them and bookmark your website. You can generate significant traffic safely on your site.

Share Your Content on Social Media

You can generate more traffic to your site just by sharing your articles on social media on everyday basis. Make sure not to share your content to hundreds of social media sites on one day. It will not just generate traffic, but it will also get your website penalized. So, when it comes to choose social media site, be choosy and careful before sharing your content.

Blog Directories

Many users think that the strategy of submitting website to blog directories will no longer work. But the fact is that it is still working if you have done it selectively and properly.