Best Premium Website Templates as Per Latest Design Trends 2016

2016 is the year which witness internet has the largest marketplace with around 2 million users worldwide. Today, premium website templates are trending. Hence, it is the best time to promote your ecommerce or online business and use the web to get more and more offline customers online and access more of them with efficiency. For a business, having a website is very important and it is very vital for running a successful online business. It is helpful to consider an existing scenario. When it comes to develop a website, there are just three things required – domain name, website design and some sort of space for hosting these websites to store some web design data in different formats that can be supported on any web browser.

The web hosting and domain part are very easy to perform that are exactly like doing an online transaction. But the main part is working with a website design. In order to do this, you have to hire a coder and a web designer to create your desired time of design. It doesn’t just eat most of your time, but a huge fortune because website design is very tricky and laborious work. Designer also charges a significant amount to the business. In order to deal with such issues, one best thing you can do is looking for a best and free premium website templates, especially if you are running out of time or money.

On the market, there is a huge range of web templates. Some of them are widely-used ones and follow the latest web design and technical trends. Here are some of the widely-used premium website templates.

Leaders Multi-Use HTML Template – It is a multipurpose template for all types of corporate purposes, businesses, portfolio, design studio, and personal blog. It is developed on Bootstrap 3.1 platform.

Invento – It delivers satisfying results for precise project planning. It is suitable for different business purposes.

JollyAny – It is a Bootstrap HTML template for different purposes and corporate houses. It is full of different functionalities and features.

Folio Fox – This is Parallax single-page HTML5 website template that is designed with limitless features and is full of Retina-Ready design and is best for creative people.

Health Care – As the name suggests, it is multipurpose medical care HTML5 template with over 17+ page layouts, Google free fonts and even more features.

Honey Comb – It is 100% Responsive CSS3/HTML5 one-page website template made with seven pre-made color themes.

Flawleshotel – It is clean and sleek hotel booking HTML5 website strategically designed for hospitality business. It allows making pages, short codes and modules easier with simple, smart design.


Premium website templates are predesigned websites. All you have to replace the content and data on them with your own data and content, and you are all set. All you need to have is basic knowhow in web editing and a bit of time. Being an individual user or web development, website templates are best way to get your website developed.

Premium Free Responsive HTML5 Template and CSS3 Templates 2016

HTML5 is the newest and most advanced update launched by the most widely-used language for website development, HTML. You can use free responsive HTML5 template on your site. In 2013, HTML5 was introduced on the web and had got viral between several web developers due to the availability of most advanced and intuitive features, interpret and easy to understand platforms and compatibilities. HTML5 development platform came a long way with most amazing feature. You can use HTML 5 for interactive web pages and developing animated pages with ease and efficiency. You don’t have to use any third-party applets on application. This way, the data of a website can be made so strong that it bogs the server down.

In order to develop interactive and animated web pages with ease, all you have to integrate CSS3 and JavaScript platforms with HTML5 in order to develop very remarkable, effective and elegant outcomes. You can develop the web pages you are looking for with such three platforms.

So, you would be wondering to know what you have to do if you don’t know much about such platforms. This is the reason why website templates have been rescued. This way, you will be able to save much on hiring costly web developers and losing your precious time to learn such complex platforms and spending your time to develop your website. This is the USP of a free responsive HTML5 template. All you have to choose one of these website templates you love. You can redefine the entire template on your own personalized website with having some of the basic skills in web editing.

You can easily edit the templates and make the websites which look professional. You can provide best possible results to your clients within less possible time. Responsive and mobile-friendly sites are all the hype these days. We have a significant range of respondents for CSS3 and HTML5 templates. Have a look on some best HTML5 templates and they all are based on CSS3 and HTML5 platforms.

1. Strongly Typed
Developed by HTML5 UP, Strongly Typed is fully responsive and free website template for both commercial and personal purpose under CCA 3.0 license.

2. zProgress
It is cool, free and premium responsive HTML5 website template made for corporate and business use. It can easily run on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE8 or higher browsers.

3. Escape Velocity
Manufactured by HTML5 UP, this responsive free website template is built on CSS3 and HTML5 and is best for commercial and private projects.

4. Urbanic
This website template can be used for any of your websites. It is free to download and comes with mobile-ready layout and is designed smartly with Bootstrap framework.

Other Templates:
5. zBusiness Free Responsive
6. Erudite Educational
7. Mamba
8. Interior Module
9. Kreative Pixel
10. Pump
11. AppLanding Retina Ready


All of the above templates are free to use and are for multiple purposes. They are designed and manufactured with integrated platforms to become user-friendly and intuitive for the users.