Use WordPress Facebook Plugins & Improve Your Website’s Visibility

If you are involved in online marketing, then you must have a Facebook Profile. This way, you can integrate Facebook feeds to your WP site and enjoy great potential to get ‘likes’ and comments and share posts from target audience.

Why WordPress Facebook Plugins?

Facebook has over 1.2 billion users worldwide, these days. So, it is not difficult to get a decent amount of target audience in such a huge market. Your desired audience urge for a blend of personal interaction, entertainment, news and details on services and products. With several WordPress Facebook plugins, you can offer all such things from your site. You can easily make your site more appealing by sharing Facebook feed.

Whether you are going to share your hobbies or personal life from your blog or histing a business from your site, these plugins are supposed to be your helping hand when it comes to access target audience. You can enjoy great boost to your website traffic. It can add functionality to support Facebook and promote other platforms of social networks like YouTube, Twitter, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn.

Social Box

All the important social media networks are covered in this plugin and it is very user-friendly and it installs a simple and sleek widget of social media on WordPress site. You can show several Facebook likes and it is great visual tool to promote your website.

Facebook for WordPress

You can enhance your audience base with this plugin with several stories shared. It is powered by Facebook ‘Send’ and ‘Like’ buttons. On the Facebook page of your site or on your Facebook timelime, new content can be published. To enhance the number of subscribers, it is the best Facebook plugin. The comments section powered by Facebook is another amazing feature. Comments which are threaded are hosted by Facebook but backed with moderation and Facebook ids and integrated to WordPress site.

Facebook Survivor

It is a one-of-its-kind easy to use WordPress plugin which helps you add Facebook to your WordPress site. With Facebook Survivor, the visitors can feel and stay comfortable on your site. It uses Facebook images of users and it is very user-friendly to post on the Facebook wall of users and visitors can easily post on your wall. All of these things can be done without leaving your website. It features a simple and new login with Facebook button, instead of having a register button. This way, you won’t have to lose out the potential visitors just because of need to register.

NextGen Facebook

As the name suggests, this WordPress Facebook Plugin does not only support only one social networking platform. In fact, it gets deeper insight of how you are going to improve the exposure of your WordPress site to Facebook. It is helpful to enhance the appearance of your Facebook page, engagement and ranking. It also includes Meta tags and open graph and offer accurate media by validating image dimensions. It also covers publisher and author profile URLs.

Increase Alexa Ranking and Make Your Website More Popular

Alexa is the best source to analyze web traffic of your website. It features a ranking mechanism to determine the popularity of a website. Having smaller number on which website stands means it is more popular. The website which stands on first position is Google and second one is Facebook. The ranking algorithm of Alexa is simpler than ranking algorithm of Google. Considering the number of visitors on your site over the last 3 months and number of pages visited, the Alexa ranking is calculated. The bounce rate and traffic are also the deciding factors to determine Alexa ranking of your website. Here are the ways to Increase Alexa Ranking on your website.

Your Website’s Traffic

When the traffic on your website increases, Alexa ranking of your website automatically increases. To increase the traffic on your website, there are several SEO and non SEO ways. For the website owners who want to try something more than SEO, here are the following tips to consider –

  • Write articles and blog posts regularly which are helpful to the users.
  • Convince visitors or users to share your posts through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and other mediums.

Follow these tips if you are interested on SEO approach –

  • Add Meta tags on each of your post, like Meta Keyword, Meta Title, and Meta description. Make sure title has the keyword you are looking to rank.
  • Thorough off-page and on-page linking
  • Add Alt tags on all images which can enhance SERP ranks on image search results along with your web traffic.

Implement Alexa Widget

You can easily add Alexa widget to your WordPress website by following certain ways.

Install Alexa Toolbar

On your browser, add Alexa toolbar and track the traffic on your website and ranking.

Organic & Quality Backlinks

Even though it is not considered very important, it is still among the top elements for both generating website traffic and ranking your site. But you should be wise to the website you want to link from. Bad strategy can cause more harm to your website.

Quality Content

Even though quantity is known to be the option to setup your site initially, quality is also the important way to create organic and genuine traffic. If your website has useful and quality content, users will definitely share them and bookmark your website. You can generate significant traffic safely on your site.

Share Your Content on Social Media

You can generate more traffic to your site just by sharing your articles on social media on everyday basis. Make sure not to share your content to hundreds of social media sites on one day. It will not just generate traffic, but it will also get your website penalized. So, when it comes to choose social media site, be choosy and careful before sharing your content.

Blog Directories

Many users think that the strategy of submitting website to blog directories will no longer work. But the fact is that it is still working if you have done it selectively and properly.

CSS Position Property

The position property specifies the kind of positioning technique used for part (static, relative, mounted or absolute)

The position Property

The position property specifies the kind of positioning technique used for part.

There area unit four completely different position values:

  • static
  • relative
  • fixed
  • absolute

Elements area unit then positioned exploitation the highest, bottom, left, and right properties. However, these properties won’t work unless the position property is about 1st. They additionally work otherwise betting on the position worth.

position: static;

HTML parts area unit positioned static by default.

Static positioned parts don’t seem to be full of the highest, bottom, left, and right properties.

An element with position: static; isn’t positioned in any special way; it’s invariably positioned in step with the conventional flow of the page:

div.static {
position: static;
border: 1px solid #000;

position: relative;

An element with position: relative; is positioned relative to its traditional position.

Setting the highest, right, bottom, and left properties of a relatively-positioned component can cause it to be adjusted aloof from its traditional position. alternative content won’t be adjusted to suit into any gap left by the component.
div.relative {
position: relative;
left: 10px;
border: 1px solid #000;

position: fixed;

An element with position: fixed; is positioned relative to the viewport, which suggests it invariably stays within the same place even though the page is scrolled. The top, right, bottom, and left properties area unit accustomed position the component.
div.fixed {
position: fixed;
bottom: 0;
right: 0;
width: 500px;
border: 1px solid #000;

position: absolute;

An element with position: absolute; is positioned relative to the closest positioned root (instead of positioned relative to the viewport, like fixed).

div.relative {
position: relative;
width: 800px;
height: 300px;
border: 1px solid #000;
div.absolute {
position: absolute;
top: 50px;
right: 0;
width: 500px;
height: 200px;
border: 1px solid #000;

Connect with Social Networks with Social Media Sharing Buttons

Social media has changed the way people share content on the web. Social media services like Facebook and Twitter are offering the way to the website owners to share their content and get it viral instantly. But there are several plugins which can slow down the loading speed of your website because of gathering data from third-party servers. Hence, it is important to check the speed before installing it and after that. It can indicate the amount of load added by a particular plugin.

Share This

There are many advanced Social Media sharing buttons offered on the web providing several features. ‘Share This’ is a button which comes with great usability and features. It is compatible to over 120 social media services and networks and running on over 2.4 million websites worldwide. It comes in 3 different styles of buttons. It comes as a share bar shown on the top of webpage, floating bar and a small ‘Share This’ button. It provides analytical information about the total shares of your pages.

Floating Social

It is seen like a sharing bar which floats on the page. It is mobile-friendly social media sharing bar which supports, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. For that page, the number of shares is shown on each button. One can change the custom text from the settings area. You can also change border colors, background colors and height and width of share bar with this plugin.

Social Icons Widget

It is a stylish and amazing widget plugin which is compatible to over 31 social media networks and services. It can display 64×64, 32×32, and 16×16 pixel icons and can easily be shown with a text. You can remove icons and custom icons with one another. It can also display labels and titles. This plugin is very simple and looks amazing and must be integrated with any kind of design.

Social Sharing by Danny

If you are seeking a social sharing button that is very light and elegant, then Social Sharing by Danny is a best way to go. It supports Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is very light and loads just 600 bytes of data on your pages. It can display 32×32 and 16×16 pixel icons with striking hover effect and sharing link when anyone rolls over the link. You can easily insert social sharing button on your website, pages, posts and media. With a PHP function code or shortcode, social sharing buttons can also be inserted on the website.


Developed by MailChimp, an email marketing service provider, and Alex King, a WordPress expert, Social is an extensive and feature-rich plugin which enables broadcasting your blogs to Twitter and Facebook. It also enables broadcasting pages despite having limited functionality. It is a great comment solution on social media.

In a Nutshell

Social media has truly transformed the way you were getting updates from several websites and how you share your favorite content with your friends. You should connect social networks to your WordPress site directly to collect more traffic from social media.

Integrate WhatsApp to WordPress to Improve User Engagement

When mobile usage is constantly increasing, it is important to have a responsive website. As per a survey, more than 91% users are using mobile internet to socialize and fixed internet is witnessing less usage. That’s why WhatsApp and other smart phone applications have been widely used. Today, WhatsApp is widely used application with over 600 million users. Here you are going to know how to enhance user engagement by connecting WhatsApp to WordPress website, so that users can easily share the content from your site with their friends.

Why WhatsApp?

If you use a smart phone, then you may probably have WhatsApp installed on your device. It is a cross-platform application with which users can share videos, images and texts without paying SMS charges. Users can also send their voice messages with this app. Several websites show a WhatsApp button to enable visitors share their content. Your visitors can share or send anything in real time with friends.

BuzzFeed was adopted WhatsApp earlier. The overall shares of this website on iOS mobile devices doubled, according to Jon Steinberg, BuzzFeed President. He says that the number of shares on WhatsApp really amazed them every time. WhatsApp sharing remains private. It is the main difference between Whatsapp and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It works in a way like sending email to your friend. Anything can get viral easily through WhatsApp once you have got engaging and loyal readers. Here’s how you can integrate WhatsApp to WordPress site.

Mobile ShareBar Plugin

First of all, download and install this plugin and activate it. Configure it by going to Settings and then Mobile ShareBar. It has very easy to understand configuration. Sharing texts can be edited but you should keep them as is. To shorten up the URL while sharing, add credentials. Choose the place to display under Display Settings, be it bottom or top of page and choose the pages to show buttons like pages, posts, front page, categories and more.

Check ‘Show Everywhere’ and ‘Display Mobile ShareBar Automatically” within ‘Troubleshooting & Other Options’. Save changes and get your cache cleared. Only problem is that this button will be shown on iOS devices only. Have a test run. Open your WordPress site only any iOS device and see if it is working or not.

AddToAny Plugin

After installing and activating it, configure settings from AddToAny option from Settings. Choose small or large icons as per your needs. Add buttons you need from ‘Add/Remove Services’ with default buttons for Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Access the WhatsApp service and configure and add display options as per the area you wish to show the button at the top or bottom of page. You can also use a social sharing bar which floats on the right side of page while scrolling down the content. According to design, it also has custom icons. At the end, save changes and have test run to see if this button is running on any iOS device.

Boost Up Your WP Website with WordPress Caching Plugins

Users often browse the web with a bit of patience. Despite having great content and attractive layout, your website will be failed to leave nice impression if it is loading slow. When it comes to search ranks and user experience, a website can get good impression if it loads faster with no unnecessary delays. As a general rule of thumb, caching can speed up the turnaround time of your website. Here are some of the topmost WordPress caching plugins for your website.

W3 Total Cache

It is very popular and well-known plugin that has more than 1861000 downloads. For faster loading, it features progressive caching. This plugin can save around 80% of bandwidth by compressing CSS, JavaScript and HTML. W3TC is caches memory instead of disk. Hence it gives better outcomes. But it needs large number of resources. So it won’t work great if you have limited resources on a shared platform. To improve the overall performance of a website, it works with Content Delivery Network. It can support BuddyPress.

WP Super Cache

It simply creates HTML static files according to the blog content. Each time when a user accesses your blog section, it serves static HTML files without approaching several PHP scripts again and again. For users who leave their comments and users who have logged in, legacy caching is also offered. Its interface is not so user friendly for startups. However, it gives complete control to the users on its overall functioning. And it won’t leave you clueless as it has all the manuals and documents.

Quick Cache

It features interactive caching system that can cut down the loading time of webpages. By default, the cache pages are not shown to the users who have logged in and left the comment. In addition, login pages, admin pages etc. can be excluded. It also supports auto caching for Sitemap. It features interactive interface and you can easily configure it. Unlike Hyper Cache Extended and WP Super Cache, it doesn’t show many settings and yes/no questions are shown in configuration.

Hyper Cache Extended

It maintains both Gzip and plain compressed web pages. It is best bet for those who have limited bandwidth and shared hosting plan. It can conduct 404 caching, redirect caching and has settings for compatibility with Global Translator. It comes with fewer settings to configure and tweak than WP Super Cache. It allows you mention individual settings for mobile devices.

DB Cache Reloaded Fix

Unlike various plugins which rely on HTML caching, this plugin is based on database caching. It automatically checks whether your visitors are accessing the latest version of the page given or not. It also minimizes server load. DB Cache Reloaded Fix is among the easiest plug-ins when it comes to customizability and operation. You can enable/disable caching and use various cache filters and set time for expired queries.

In a Nutshell

According to your needs you can choose one of these WP cache plugins. Suppose you need ease of use and simplicity, go for Quick Cache. For Customizability, WP Super Cache is better choice. For customizability and lots of resources, use W3TC.

Best Premium Website Templates as Per Latest Design Trends 2016

2016 is the year which witness internet has the largest marketplace with around 2 million users worldwide. Today, premium website templates are trending. Hence, it is the best time to promote your ecommerce or online business and use the web to get more and more offline customers online and access more of them with efficiency. For a business, having a website is very important and it is very vital for running a successful online business. It is helpful to consider an existing scenario. When it comes to develop a website, there are just three things required – domain name, website design and some sort of space for hosting these websites to store some web design data in different formats that can be supported on any web browser.

The web hosting and domain part are very easy to perform that are exactly like doing an online transaction. But the main part is working with a website design. In order to do this, you have to hire a coder and a web designer to create your desired time of design. It doesn’t just eat most of your time, but a huge fortune because website design is very tricky and laborious work. Designer also charges a significant amount to the business. In order to deal with such issues, one best thing you can do is looking for a best and free premium website templates, especially if you are running out of time or money.

On the market, there is a huge range of web templates. Some of them are widely-used ones and follow the latest web design and technical trends. Here are some of the widely-used premium website templates.

Leaders Multi-Use HTML Template – It is a multipurpose template for all types of corporate purposes, businesses, portfolio, design studio, and personal blog. It is developed on Bootstrap 3.1 platform.

Invento – It delivers satisfying results for precise project planning. It is suitable for different business purposes.

JollyAny – It is a Bootstrap HTML template for different purposes and corporate houses. It is full of different functionalities and features.

Folio Fox – This is Parallax single-page HTML5 website template that is designed with limitless features and is full of Retina-Ready design and is best for creative people.

Health Care – As the name suggests, it is multipurpose medical care HTML5 template with over 17+ page layouts, Google free fonts and even more features.

Honey Comb – It is 100% Responsive CSS3/HTML5 one-page website template made with seven pre-made color themes.

Flawleshotel – It is clean and sleek hotel booking HTML5 website strategically designed for hospitality business. It allows making pages, short codes and modules easier with simple, smart design.


Premium website templates are predesigned websites. All you have to replace the content and data on them with your own data and content, and you are all set. All you need to have is basic knowhow in web editing and a bit of time. Being an individual user or web development, website templates are best way to get your website developed.

Premium Free Responsive HTML5 Template and CSS3 Templates 2016

HTML5 is the newest and most advanced update launched by the most widely-used language for website development, HTML. You can use free responsive HTML5 template on your site. In 2013, HTML5 was introduced on the web and had got viral between several web developers due to the availability of most advanced and intuitive features, interpret and easy to understand platforms and compatibilities. HTML5 development platform came a long way with most amazing feature. You can use HTML 5 for interactive web pages and developing animated pages with ease and efficiency. You don’t have to use any third-party applets on application. This way, the data of a website can be made so strong that it bogs the server down.

In order to develop interactive and animated web pages with ease, all you have to integrate CSS3 and JavaScript platforms with HTML5 in order to develop very remarkable, effective and elegant outcomes. You can develop the web pages you are looking for with such three platforms.

So, you would be wondering to know what you have to do if you don’t know much about such platforms. This is the reason why website templates have been rescued. This way, you will be able to save much on hiring costly web developers and losing your precious time to learn such complex platforms and spending your time to develop your website. This is the USP of a free responsive HTML5 template. All you have to choose one of these website templates you love. You can redefine the entire template on your own personalized website with having some of the basic skills in web editing.

You can easily edit the templates and make the websites which look professional. You can provide best possible results to your clients within less possible time. Responsive and mobile-friendly sites are all the hype these days. We have a significant range of respondents for CSS3 and HTML5 templates. Have a look on some best HTML5 templates and they all are based on CSS3 and HTML5 platforms.

1. Strongly Typed
Developed by HTML5 UP, Strongly Typed is fully responsive and free website template for both commercial and personal purpose under CCA 3.0 license.

2. zProgress
It is cool, free and premium responsive HTML5 website template made for corporate and business use. It can easily run on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE8 or higher browsers.

3. Escape Velocity
Manufactured by HTML5 UP, this responsive free website template is built on CSS3 and HTML5 and is best for commercial and private projects.

4. Urbanic
This website template can be used for any of your websites. It is free to download and comes with mobile-ready layout and is designed smartly with Bootstrap framework.

Other Templates:
5. zBusiness Free Responsive
6. Erudite Educational
7. Mamba
8. Interior Module
9. Kreative Pixel
10. Pump
11. AppLanding Retina Ready


All of the above templates are free to use and are for multiple purposes. They are designed and manufactured with integrated platforms to become user-friendly and intuitive for the users.